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These are the least insulated winter gloves I've ever worn. Even with temps in the mid 20s I have to look at my hands to see if maybe I forgot my gloves because it feels like there is nothing covering them. These claim to be 100 weight thinsulate but I've got 40 weight gloves that perform better. Maybe they just use a lot less of it. Now I use them for non biking things like shoveling but they still seem inadequately insulated even for more active activities.

On a positive note, the features and fit are good.


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After commuting through the winter and struggling with toe covers that slip off and *iss me off I decided to get some winter specific shoes. These are basically some cheap road shoes with built in shoe covers. The tongue is kind of flimsy and you have to fiddle with it every time you put your feet in to make it lay flat. They aren’t extremely warm but not bad. So far I’ve only worn them down to 32 degrees and my toes still get chilly by the end of my 12 mile commute. When the temps start getting down closer to 0 I’ll slip a hand warmer inside the zippered cover.

The ergo grip sole does a great job outdoors but is hard plastic so it can be slippery on things like hardwood, especially if it is wet. I wore them for a cyclocross race and they were perfect for keeping the mud out of my feet and had great traction on the course. I think they will be similar in snow.

I bought about a size up to make sure I could wear extra socks and that was the right choice for me. I’d say they run mostly true to size, but maybe a hair small.

I got them at a great sale price. I wouldn’t pay the retail price for these. The styling isn’t really what I was looking for but with the thin tops I can zip my thermal tights on the outside of the boot so if it is raining the water wicks out, not in. Very Important.

Just what I needed


3 5

-The size seems good. I bought a half size up and that's about how they fit, which is good because I wanted room for extra socks.
-They are a PITA to get on. You have to open the Velcro, unzip them under the Velcro and then get your foot into an inner shoe. I'm sure I'll get use to it but it could be better.
-The 2 bolt cleats are not below flush like most mountain biking shoes. So even though they are 2 bolt cleat compatible they aren't really made for it.
- My biggest gripe - The tread is a road shoe tread with NOTHING to grip in snow. No lugs. These are not boots, they are insulated road shoes.
I ended up returning these and buying the Ergo Grip Shoes from Backcountry which are almost identical but in a mountain style. I wish I had seen them first. The RD shoe would be good for road use with no snow but if you have mountain cleats you should get the Ergo Grips. (or course I haven't seen those yet.)