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5 5

This jersey rocks, especially when it's on sale. It's got a good racing fit but not too tight. I'm 6'1" 205lbs, athletic and the XL fits perfect. The fabric breathes nicely throughout the entire jersey. Pockets are good and tight. I like the slight glossy look too. The design isn't a big LG logo which is nice(big logos are bad). I wish they're were a few more color combinations, like white, bright yellow and hints of black. Yes L.G.... I just designed your next jersey. Make it and I'll buy it.


4 5

This is a very good jersey and always reasonably priced. Especially on sale. Good all around ventilation and airdry fabric. I'm 6'1" 205 and the XL fits well. It's not too tight not too loose. It's cut very well and the stitching adds a slimming effect. Nice jersey. I have bought an XL in white & in bright yellow. The white is slightly larger. So I suppose all jerseys have slight differences.


3 5

First, the good. The ventilation of this jersey was pretty good, especially on the back, chest and armpits. But the rest of the jersey didn't breathe very well. I live in Arizona and need all around breathable fabric. I'm 6'2" 205 and found the 2X to be just slightly too big. Parts of the jersey still flapped in the wind. If you're going to get any benefits out of the kinesio strips you've got to get a tight jersey. The XL would have been best for me.
But the main reason I wanted this jersey was the waterproof pocket for my iphone. But it didn't fit!! Unless I wrestled with it for minutes at a time. And even then I had to jam it in. Forget using it while riding or even while stopped. Also, that pocket is sewn into the middle back pocket and hangs loosely inside it. So if you want anything out of the middle pocket you have to fight with the waterproof pocket and it's contents. And even then the pocket can end up flapping in the wind behind you. Fix the pocket, add lighter fabric and a full zipper and this is a great jersey.