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i bought this tire to run on my rear during the fall/winter because i didn't want to deal with any flats while commuting. installed it about a month ago. it rides ok, even at 120psi it felt a little mushy--not a performance tire by far. otherwise it rode just like most other tires.
my tire was flat when i left the office the other night. i checked the tire and didn't see anything, so i assumed it was just a practical joke because i didn't expect my ultragatorskin to ever go flat. so i pumped it up and took off. a few miles it it was flat again. furious that my ultragatorskin flatted and since i was in a rush i continued the game of pump and ride till i got home. when i pulled the tire off, a piece of glass had cut right through the tire. patched it up and back in working order. i just ordered a slime tube to put in there since i no longer have any faith in this tire.