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I agree with reviewer "krh" on this one. This jacket breathes much better than previous breathable fabric jackets I've owned, and it keeps me bone dry. It also works as a reasonable wind shell on those days when the sky looks a little iffy.

I'm also not sure what "gar" is talking about. I have no first-hand experience with the Cutter jacket, so I can't compare the two. However, I can say this jacket is cut for riding position -- extended sleeves & back, etc.

Is it worth the price? It depends on what being dry and comfortable is worth to you. Since I ride to work every day, knowing I'm not going to arrive soaked with rain or sweat is worth paying extra. Maybe other, less expensive jackets would do the job just as well as this one. I haven't tried them all. I know I wasn't happy with the ones I had tried, which is why I was looking for a new one. I'd had good luck with other Hincapie products, so I bought this one. So far, it has done exactly what I wanted it to do.


2 5

I greatly prefer wool to the various polyester "technical" fabrics, but this jersey just isn't up to modern wool standards. It's rough and itchy, unlike ANY other brand of wool bike gear I've bought -- SmartWool, Ice Breaker, Rivendell, Swobo, and Ibex, all of which are as smooth and silky as any synthetic. Maybe the problem is the acrylic?

I like Pearl Izumi's shoes and shorts, and since this jersey is in their flagship P.R.O. line, I was really expecting it to be in the same class as those other brands' wool products. I can't imagine why they used a fabric so clearly inferior, when terrific wool gear is readily available.

This jersey is 'adequate for the job' (if you wear a long-sleeve garment under it), so technically that's 3 stars on RealCyclist's rating system. I gave it only 2 because, with so many superior wool jerseys out there, I really can't recommend this one.