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4 5

2000 miles with this helmet. positives are:

sizing seems right. i have a 58cm sized head; medium fits perfectly.

the harness that wraps around the back of the head. the ratchet dial is easy to use, secure, and well-made. the harness itself is designed to tilt above the ear for a more secure and comfortable fit. it's one of the best fitting helmets i've owned.

the bad-- it's slightly on the heavier side for those that care. the biggest issue was not being able to slide my glasses into the vents above the temples. the vents are too small and too narrow.


2 5

nice material, comfortable, fits as advertised.

the problem is the CamLock zipper which, as far as i'm concerned, tries to fix something that isn't broken and breaks it in the process. when the zipper is flipped down, it locks the zipper. you must flip the zipper up in order to release the lock and zip up or down. it seems like a clever idea, but unzipping usually means pulling the zipper into the down position, engaging the lock and *then* trying to unzip. i wasn't even aware there was a CamLock feature with this jersey when i tried to take it off for the first time... long story short, I ended up forcing it and making it impossible to re-zip the jersey ever again. $100 down the drain.