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I'm 5'11" and 275 (losing weight via cycling) and the XXL is snug, but not overly so. It's only been cold enough to justify once this season (52F) versus compression base layers or arm warmers and it's been a great jacket. Very wind resistant as it was super breezy but my torso wouldn't have ever known it. My guess is with proper base layers, a neck gaiter, and a good stocking cap I'll be able to ride well into the winter on good weather days.
The pockets make sense and I like the cut of cycling jackets (long in the back). Because of the cycling cut I don't know that I'd wear it around town. I picked it up in white/black (I've been a ninja cyclist for the year I've been cycling). My lady saw me in it and didn't know who I was as I never wear white and its snugness definitely shows off my relative lost weight.


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I'm just now getting into cycling, riding on bike paths and some on the street. I was looking for something appropriate to the hobby/activity and more form fitting; baggy t-shirts get you by for only so long. Honestly? Wearing cycling gear makes you feel like you're a bit more in the cycling community and has made me more confident when around other riders. That fact gets me out cycling more often.
Cycling is my weight loss activity of choice. I'm currently 275 (and 5'11"). The XXL is really snug, but doesn't make me feel embarrassed like a couple of jerseys I tried on at my LBS. I'm still pulling down the front from time to time over my slowly disappearing belly, and as such still wear a sleeveless base layer, even on overly warm autumn days (hopefully not by next summer). I've matched it (the black/black) with blue arm warmers or a colored long sleeve compression shirt under on cooler days and gotten compliments on the look. When I'm confident enough for road rides I'll opt for the green or yellow for more visibility, but for now the black is a mental comfort thing.