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Here's what others have to say...

3 5

like a few others, I like the fit of these and sized up from what I would normally wear. I noticed quite quickly that the seams began to come apart. Back country was great about getting a replacement pair. We will see how the next pair does.


4 5

Just like the non Fast Charge model, instead of a flash, this light has a fade on and off mode which probably won't earn the attention of drivers who are busy texting while they drive. If this is your only front light and you value flashes, I would skip this model (though there are others by light and motion that will fit your needs).

I am using this as one of two headlights on night rides (one light is dedicated to flashing and pissing people off with the "Urban 400 series" while this one is to provide light to see the actual road so that I don't nail potholes.) Over kill? Maybe, but it's my life right?


3 5

I don't like the fit personally. it is pretty baggy, but the fabric is totally smooth which is awesome

I'm 6 foot and 160 so I like a pretty form fit, but this is wide in the hips which is just unflattering unless you're a fat guy


5 5

great mounting bracket (doesn't move around)
Super bright
helmet mount

won't recharge from a laptop: I plugged this in Via the USB cord and it would not charge from my laptop. probably a voltage issue, but it works fine from my wall