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Let me preface my comments by stating that I have owned a Dogma 60.1, a Dogma 2, and two Dogma 65.1 bicycles. I've also owned a BMC SLR01 and a Time VXRS UL Team. I currently own a 2015 S-Works Venge. I purchased the Dogma F8 two weeks ago. It is in a league of its own.

Plain and simple....the DOGMA F8 is, by far, the best bike I've ever ridden. Unlike the Dogma 65.1, it is much more comfortable. It is more compliant. It is much faster off of the line and it handles better. It has the same great geometry as the Dogma 65.1 and rides equally well when you are in the groove. It is incredibly stable down hills and it climbs well. It is fast in the flats and it has great power transfer.

It is an incredible bicycle to ride! Fast...Comfortable...Handles like magic. What more can I say?

If you buy will never look back!

LOVE IT!  It doesn't get any better!


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My wife was run off of the road by a car which resulted in her being hospitalized. She believed that if she had lights on her bicycle, the motorist would have had a better chance of seeing her.

I did some research and purchased these lights. They are very bright. You can see them from more than 300 yards. They can be set to one of three modes (bright continuous, normal continuous or bright blinking). They are easy to recharge using a USB cable. The mounting system is easy to use and they are both durable and rain proof. You can not beat these lights for the money.

While I am a purist who doesn't like anything on my bike other than water bottles and a garmin, I ultimately purchased a second set for myself.

As an aside, I lost a piece to the light. I call Lenzyne. They said, "No worries...we'll mail you that piece for free". You can't beat this product for the money!


5 5

My wife and I are road bikers who live just North of New York City. When we recently purchased a place in Manhattan, we needed bikes for the city. My wife rides an Orbea Orca, so I felt very comfortable getting her an Orbea mountain bike with front suspension (indestructible). However, I ride a Pinarello Dogma 65.1, and I couldn't imagine riding anything but a Pinarello. Brett Cole at Competitive Cyclist (who knows his stuff) told me that I would love the Pinarello Catena. Apparently, fixie bikes are the standard gear for cool guys in the city (that is...."cool guys half my age"). I've worked with Brett over the years and I've come to trust his judgement.

I received the Pinarello Catena. It was easy to assemble. I order a set of vintage Campagnolo pedals (circa 1980) to match the bike's retro look. The retro geometry was a little different than I was used to- so much so that it required that the seat be more than one centimeter lower than on my modern road bike.

I've been riding it around the city on the freewheel side of the back wheel (I'm no hip enough or your enough to go "full fixie"). The bike is fun and comfortable. I had forgotten the feel of steel or rough road....but it's pretty nice.

For $1,000 (free shipping and no sales tax), I've got a bike that I actually like for around the city..... and it's a Pinarello !!!



5 5

My wife and I are road bikers who live just outside of Manhattan. We recently purchased two bikes to ride in the New York City because, let's face it, carbon wheels were not designed for city streets.

I purchased the Orbea Alma Hydro 29 H70 bicycle for my wife. This has got to be the bargain of the century. While we are only familiar with road bikes, this bike arrived in perfect condition (nice finish). This didn't surprise us because my wife's road bike is an Orbea Orca. When it arrived, it took 20 minutes to assemble. It even has quick release wheels and front and rear disc brakes. When I completed the assembly, I noticed the weight was surprisingly light for the size of the bike.

The ride on this bike is very comfortable. The front suspension is adjustable. The wheels do not feel heavy as one would expect. The gears shifted effortlessly and the fit was perfect.

I will warn you fellow road bikers......your friends will make fun of you on this bike. One of our friends told her that this bike is the Cadillac Escalade of bikes. It's a real bargain...try it.

This is an incredible bargain.....


5 5

I have both a Dogma 2 and a Dogma 65.1.

When I first purchased my Dogma 2, I was stunned at how it rode. It combines both comfort and speed. While it is NOT the fastest bike from Zero to 25 mph, it is the easiest bicycle I've ever rode to sustain a speed. The cycling mechanics are incredibly smooth on this bike and the same is true on the Dogma 65.1. Once you achieve your speed, the bike rides itself. I've also discovered that it is the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden in the drops and it is, by far, the most stable bike going down hills at high speeds (i.e. 50 mph feels like 30 mph).

The Dogma 65.1, in contrast to the Dogma 2, is stiffer and is a little faster from Zero to 25 MPH. When I take long endurance rides (over 60 miles), I take the Dogma 2 because it is (slightly) more comfortable. However, I prefer the Dogma 65.1.

As for the finish, I don't think there is any bicycle finished as well as the Pinarello Dogma's. If you want the Italian finish, you need to own a high end Italian bicycle.

Lastly, if up to date engineering is important to you, then you get it with the Dogma 65.1. No other bike has 65 ton carbon or the degree of asymmetrical design. While all this engineering means nothing if it doesn't ride well, the truth is that it rides superbly.

The one downside to the Dogma 65.1 is that if you try it, you will "NEED" to own it.



I traded in my Pinarello Dogma for a Pinarello Dogma2. It is fast, comfortable, light, agile, handles well and looks great.

It climbs fast and it is the most stable bike I've ever ridden...particularly down hill.

If it has one fault, it's that it often feels like I am going slow when I am actually going fast. The truth is in the computer.

If you want the best, this is it.

BTW....My other bike is a BMC...also with Lightweight Standard III wheels and Campy Super Record. The Dogma2 is the "hands down" winner!

It doesn't get any better than this