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I purchased these as I'd heard some good things about them. After trying them, I found the liner to be a little uncomfortable in the 'man' area as well as making lots of 'stretching at the seems' noises when I first put them on (and yes, they do fit me properly ;).

I'm yet to find out exactly what or where the heck the 'specialised media pocket' is. If any one finds it, please let me know!


Hi Ben, (in response to Ben's question below)

Wind chill can play a massive part in premature battery depletion. So
the faster you move the colder the the helmet camera will get etc.
My last helmet cam would give me around 5hrs if I were relatively
sedate on the slopes (messing around in the park/trees etc). However, a day of racing around the slopes trying to film my mates can reduce the battery life to only a couple of hours.

Some high end helmet cameras separate the battery pack so it can be
kept sheltered/warmer to prolong the battery life... But, in my opinion, this just makes for a mess of cables!

I'm interested in hearing how people got on with this helmet cam's battery life on a cold day racing around the slopes :)

Oi! When I search for this little beauty on your site I see that it's on offer.. but when added to the basket, no cigar! What's the deal here?

Questions for you.
1) Can you now use this device with 16GB memory cards
2) What other options are there? Is there anything else in a similar price bracket? Maybe a device that goes to 640x480 on the res?
3) My concern here is that the batteries may only last 10 minutes in -10c at a speed of 30mph... ok ok, 15mph!

Thanks, aDam

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