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On the bike, these are awesome. Very comfortable, well-made, and I'm guessing durable. I've only worn them for about 100 miles so far, but I'm thinking this was a good score. Like the other Hincapie stuff I've bought, top quality. IMO you can't go wrong with this brand. Everything Hincapie that I have ever bought has been great, and these bibs are no exception.

Off the bike, when my skin is dry, the straps come off my shoulders very easily. This is very annoying, but I can live with it, because I got these for such a good price. Even if one of the women in my riding group laughs at this "feature" (reminds her of ill-fitting bra straps). In addition, these bibs come up higher in the front than other brands I've used, which can make bathroom breaks a bit annoying, but I don't often need bathroom breaks when riding. I apparently either sweat it all out, or have a hollow leg or something.

Other reviews have flagged the loose leg grippers, and I would concur. Apparently I do not have guads like GH or other professional track cyclists.

Bottom line, when on the bike, these are great bibs. My favorites, my new go-to bibs.


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I'm a clyde and I have a bike which came with Mavic Aksium Race wheels. I rode them for 1,800 miles or so, and finally gave up on them because of broken spokes. To be fair, only one spoke broke, but I was just getting weary of fixing broken spokes on Mavic wheels in general. Long story short, I have done about 3,600 miles total on two sets of Mavics: Aksium Race and Equipes, which are not very different wheels (do your homework, you'll agree), and I just got tired of breaking spokes and paying my LBS to repair them. Now-a-days, I ride on some different wheels (Velocity Deep-Vs, with a higher spoke count), and I'm much happier. Clydes need strong wheels, and Mavic Wheels are designed for light French dudes, not well-fed Americans.


4 5

I got one of these off CL after reading some positive reviews elsewhere (B I K E R A D A R, etc.). Never heard of this brand previously, but it appears to be a well-constructed helmet-- as it should be, considering the price-- and it has the most adjustable fit of the helmets produced for this brand. You can adjust the fit around your head with a convenient wheel on the back and you can even adjust the angle of attack (how high/low the brim rides on your forehead) via the plastic "cage" that holds the helmet on your head. Great ventilation. So far, I've used it for a couple of rides in warm (90F) weather, and the air flows through it as advertised. Screaming buy on CL, in my opinion. As the other reviewer noted, large fits 58-cm heads well, and there is enough extra room for the cotton bandana headband that I wear when riding.

Nice helmet, very adjustable