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I've had the watch for about a month, and here're some initial impressions after having used it during work days and the outdoors:

The Pros:
1. IMHO, this is certainly the best looking Core model; it has a streamlined, simple, and elegant look to it while attaining all of the features of others (except for the rotating bezels for the compass, but I don't think it looses any efficacy from it).
2. Assuming that you understand the limitations of using absolute air pressure readings (and reference values) to determine current altitude and sea level air pressure, it is a reliable performer. The weather trend indicator and the storm alarm functions are useful too (albeit the alarm can be a bit sensitive).
3. The compass is a quick and dirty way to track your bearing.
4. It is lightweight (2.96 oz per my AWS SC-2kg scale), and super comfortable when worn.
5. Easy to operate time alarm and chrono features.

The Cons:
1. Other than the housing of the watch being of different design and material (aluminum vs. plastic/elastomer), there is no difference from the other watches, yet this model is over 100 bucks more expensive.
2. The rubber black strap is a dust magnet. It's nearly impossible to keep it looking clean.
3. The compass tends to drift, so I find myself needing to calibrate daily if I'm using it on a trip.
4. Though the contrast can be adjusted, the negative display can be a bit hard to read especially when the lighting gets dark. It does have a backlight function.
5. Other less prominent features must be taken with a grain of salt (e.g. temperature, sunrise/sunset, etc.).
6. Weighs little more than other core models (e.g. the all black is about 2.3oz).
7. Comes only with a quick guide, full manual must be downloaded separately from their site.

In summary, this watch is still IMHO the best non-GPS ABC watch out there with excellent balance of simple interface and functionality. Give it a go especially if you can get it at a discount.