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4 5

This stuff works super fast to seal holes and get you back on the road. Although it is small and lightweight, you sometimes need to pack a lot of this in to get good sealing. I have found however that regular car sealant for car tires works the same, though many would disagree with this. Does require a permanent sealing when you can get the job done right. This is a great product for emergencies to keep in an emergency bag however.


3 5

This stuff does work! I bought a bottle of this for "emergency" purposes, and tested it out to see if it really worked. It does. Goes in through the valve stem in a pinch, and sets quickly. It will quickly fix a tire, and get you going. It however leaves your tires out-of-plum, and generally calls for them to be replaced anyways. This just prevents you from getting caught out in the middle of nowhere. Worth keeping in that emergency bag.