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I'm a huge fan of Nathan hyrdation vests overall, and this one is no exception. I use it frequently for long trail runs, hikes, and mountain biking. It performs well in all cases. I find that the vest rides very well both running and biking, with very minimal sloshing (I hated the old camelbacks for due to sloshing). In fact, I am almost as comfortable running with this pack as I am running with nothing at all, and I prefer it to carrying a bottle (except for very short runs).


Hi Abber,

I've used this as a wind breaker for mountain biking and it works well--comparable to cycling-specific wind breakers (no insulation though). It packs down small enough to fit in a jersey pocket, which is the most important factor for me. And I've found that the sleeves and torso are fairly long, so you'd probably be able to bend over enough to use while riding.

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I'm definitely a fan of these shorts. They're average length (not SUPER short) which gives good sun protection. The built-in briefs are also very supportive, which can be good or bad, depending on your preferences (I like it). I've bought 3 pairs now. They also have a good sized pocket which can fit 3-4 gels, a cliff bar or even an iPhone (but the phone is a little heavy for them).

They've also held up well over the last year of use. So good on durability

Al in all, good shorts!