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I do love HNR but gotta say my experience with this shoe is exactly the opposite of pretty much everybodies post. My buddy as well has the same experience with this shoe. Shoe seems to be quite high volume. So much so that although it is really adjustable I can't adjust it to my low volume foot. It's maxed and the velcro is stretched in a half season. Got these at the end of last season and already have to replace them. The buckles bent and tread is ripping off the outside. I ride close to 100 miles a week in the season, but it's been winter so theses jammies have been on vacation. The reviews I read pre-order said made in Italy and the product description says custom insole or something to that effect. Of course I didn't really expect that, but it's not even a bad attempt. It's a straight up 1/8" piece of crappy foam that says "custom" on it. SWEET! Anyway, I put a moldable foot bed in and it worked for a while. Definitely made in China. Sadly it shows. Didn't send them back sooner because I thought I'd get a season out of these bad boys but they are so clapped out after half a season they gotta go. My buddy Adam with club feet will likely inherit these as spares. You need a 13 EEE to wear the 12. Or maybe I just got a shot of the R.O.C.s finest QA/QC. Sounds like that probably. Crazy how much people like these shoes. Not being pricky, but are those reviews from guys that ride 10 miles on Saturday afternoon? I doubt it. I'm just saying I'm totally amazed how bad I think these shoes are. Spend another 40 bucks. Worst shoes owned. Bbbrrrppp bbrrrppp.