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Light, Fast, but don't last long
4 5

I really like these shoes. This is my second pair. The toe box is average but with the super supple material they are super comfortable. They are superlight, it feels like there is nothing on your feet. This pair has about 75-100 miles on them (3-4 weeks) which includes a marathon. You can see the tread is showing some wear under the ball of the foot. Save these for races.


3 5

When I saw these on sale I purchased them to replace the old cable disc brakes on a friends bike. She loves them. Much stronger than her old brakes, she says. Installation was easy but the lines are long and they have to be cut. I have installed more than a few of these and this set didn't need to be bled afterward. Psyched!


4 5

Unlike many sports drinks, Recoverite has a very mild taste. Goes down easy and does not upset my stomach. Powder mixes well, leaveing no clumps in the bottom. One warning, rinse out whatever vessel you use for drinking Recoverite immediatley afterward or you will find moldy stuff growing in it the next day.