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5 5

I had been using an older CamelBak bladder forever, since I prefer it over other bladders. I got some new Antiodote bladders to put in some new backpacks, and I love them!

The divider is awesome. It prevents it from sitting awkwardly in your pack like a balloon, and makes it easier to handle.

The Quick-snap cap that tightens with just a quarter turn is great, and saves my thumb from the pain of trying to screw caps on.

Bottom line: Awesome product. You will definitely be happy with it.


4 5

If you're way into shaving weight and ultralight biking. This is not the lock for you. It's hefty, and would make a great weapon against potential bike thieves as mentioned above.

That said, it does a great job of protecting bikes! It's inexpensive, portable, and easy to take on or off.

If price is more of an issue to you than weight, then get it!

Update: After several months of use, I have to say I really like this lock. It's still heavy as can be, but definitely makes me feel secure.