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Here's what others have to say...

5 5

This thing could not be easier. Just plop bike on it, even my short gf can do it in about 20 seconds.

Wish the manual was a bit easier to read, I put it together wrong a couple of times.


4 5

They have fixed many annoying things over the previous Contour GPS version which I actually returned to REI because I was fed up with it.


1) Battery life seems to much longer.

2) no stupid two button on off system. Now you just slide the record button and it turns on. Before there was this impossible on/off button that you could not easily get to with gloves on...so the battery would just die even though you were not recording.

3) GPS now actually seems to work. I could never get a fix before at the top of Squaw...not sure how that is even possible. Now 90% of my movies have a GPS track along with current speed and altitude.

4) Video quality seems slightly better...but then again the video quality for snow sports has always been awsome.

5) Waterproof case is now included.

All in all, I am much happier....and prefer the side mounting to the go pro which I think looks stupid.