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My height is 5 ft 8", waist 29"-ish and I bought a small. I must say if I were to stand up straight in it, the straps are tight. However, the moment you assume the position, as in the on the saddle position, everything made sense. It is supposed to provide an optimal fit that is supposed to conform to you naturally cycling position without bulking up excess fabric to your front. A very clean and sleek look I must say. Very classic and stylish to boot with the jersey.


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I absolutely like the light weight of the shoes. Plus it matches my Castelli Duran kit. I definitely felt the ventilation on my first ride because I was caught in the rain. I could actually feel the cold rainy air rushing through my feet. Therefore, I would expect my feet to be thoroughly ventilated on hot days. Totally loving it. Now I have 2 pairs to shoes to match my different kits. Hurray!


Unanswered Question

I'm interested in buying these shoes. However, I have 2 questions to be answered before I will move forward.

Q1) The sizes in the options; are they US men's or UK sizes? I hope it will be clearer for all shoes not using the European sizes.

Q2) I'm currently wearing a European size 42 for my Louis Garneau Carbon HRS, will the translation for the fit to Mavic be correct if I were to go accordingly to the size chart given here?

Hope someone will be able to answer this for me.

Thanks and Regards
Thomas Ho

0 Answers

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Technically, I went on a shopping spree on several brands. Namely Castelli, Louis Garneau and yes Hincapie. I have been eyeing the diablo kit for quite some time already before I decided to take the plunge. And I did. Oh my god, the fabric is a God Send! The Dimtek fabric is so much more softer than Castelli's. The fit is really just perfect for me. I'm around 30" waist, 36" chest and 1.7m tall and the small bib and matching jersey fits like a second skin to me. However, that being said I must say the fabric does feel slightly thicker and heavier than the Castelli's and Louis Garneau's. But due to the perfect fit for me I do not feel like I was wearing anything. I totally agree with H^3's "feels like it disappears" comment. I'm definitely gonna consider more from Hincapie in the future even though they may be slightly more costly. However, the comfort justifies the little extra that was spent. Way to go Big George!


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I happen to like the whole matching kit but I was kinda hoping at least the colors would match much better. I bought the grey/acid green kit and once again true to what others have said the top do not actually match the bottom. The top is a darker grey than the bottom. And it was a bit tight around the armpits when I first wore it but after a wash it fitted well. Other than that it would adequately well for me in terms of helping commute from my home to work. No complaints with the sizing charts here.