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The glue works great. Tires are not going anywhere, but should still be removable with some effort come replacement time. I use 1 dry coat on the tire and rim, then a wet coat on the rim. Easy and only takes 2 days from start to finish.

Unlike some cements, this can doesn't come with a brush under the lid, so I find myself using (and discarding) an acid brush for each 24hour application. I just get them at a local hardware store for 59c each, but it's annoying and an extra expense/hassle to consider.


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It holds the wheels offset which is great. There is a padded divider between the wheel with two adjacent "pockets" in the middle to let each wheel's hub protrude into the other compartment a little, eliminating stress, and keeping the whole bag thinner. Overall, the bag is burly and feels like it'll last a while.

On the negatives, the bag is really bulky - well beyond what's necessary for a 700c wheel/tire set. The shoulder strap clip arrived broken - the end clips are held together by a tiny plastic, horse-shoe-shaped washer which didn't even make it out of the delivery box. Bummer, but the strap is easily replaceable with something more durable.

For the sale price, it's hard to beat for a padded wheel bag.