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4 5

I received one of these as a gift, and even though I already have a Crank Brothers multitool, I kept this one around as a backup.

The wrenches all works well, whole thing seems to be very well constructed. Chain tool is actually better then the crank brothers one in my opinion. doesn't have quite as many wrench sizes though, so it's still relegated to backup use.


3 5

There are pieces of velcro everywhere, zippers to hidden pockets that I never use all over the place... I guess it's useful but I am kind of a less is more person. Would rather have a piece of gear that is well thought out then just has everything thrown together in the hopes that everyone will like at least a couple features. The cargo pockets are pretty well done though, they lay very flat when not in use, but can hold a decent amount of stuff. See picture above for a close up of them.

I am a 32 waist, and these fit great in a medium. I've had issues in the past with Zoic gear feeling too baggy and relaxed, but these shorts are fairly well cut.

The liner also fits well, didn't feel too tight. Breaths well, though honestly it doesn't seem that much different then any of the other liners/padded shorts I own. I usually just grab which ever pair is on top and call it good enough.

The shorts by them selves also work well for hiking and other strenuous activities, though the blue color that I bough is a bit on the garish side.


4 5

Some flavors are better then others, but you can't find many granola bars that are better, or more calorie dense! great for backpacking, day hikes, or trail riding!