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I ride All Mountain, that means Up, Up, Down, Down, and Left, Right, Left, Right.

There are 3 important factors for me in a clipless pedal:
#1 Must not clog
#2 Must be able to bash on rocks
#3 Must provide a platform for riding downhill in technical sections.

I have been very curious about Crack Brothers for a long time, having always been a Shimano guy.
I am happy to report that the Mallet 2 is the just the right pedal for All Mountain trekking.

I need to be able to use my upstroke to help in the long sections and uphill, I need the platform for some of the more hairy downhill sections, and I need it not to clog up on me when things get wet and muddy.

If you are looking for a great pedal that will hold on to you in the flats and the ups, but lets you stand up with confedence when bombing down, this is the one for you.


5 5

Few Mountain Bike designs have undergone so much testing and maturity.

I have been waiting over 10+ years to be able to own a Yeti. I started riding back in 98 and my mentor had always spoke very highly of the Yeti brand.

Yeti's 2011 575 is a culmination of improvements over the last several years. The stiffness has been improved up front and in the back.

It rides like a dream and is a definite head turner.

Time will tell if its little brother the SB66 will surpass it, but the 575 has definitely earned its legacy and I am very happy to have waited until now to invest in a Yeti!