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3 5

I will give these pants 3 stars. The rating means "Adequate for the job," which very much depends on the job here. On a handful of occasions I have ridden these in steady rain on my commute, which is about 30 minutes door-to-door. The fabric from the start never really repelled water (like some weatherproof fabrics with a DWR treatment), so it gets soaked quickly. By the end of the ride, the pants are definitely damp on the inside from the rain (not sweat), evidence that the 5000K breathable/waterproof membrane is not quite up to the task of wet weather commuting. In fact, it's not much drier than my softshell Patagonia guide pants with their DWR. I recommend wearing thermal (cycling) tights or other long underwear underneath, which keeps the cold and dampness off the skin. One plus is that they are breathable/comfortable enough to wear when it isn't raining.

Overall, they are a fine deal when purchased on steep discount (I think I got them for $45), but if I had the choice to buy something again, I might actually spring for a higher price point to get the quality I want. I'm finding that quality rain gear is not something you can really scrimp on.

Another note: they have a fairly tight fit, as the other commenter noted. This is generally a good thing for bike pants, but this fabric does not stretch at all and the cut is a tad restrictive. Not a huge deal when in the saddle on a commute, but I find myself hiking up the butt occasionally and I don't think these would be great for hard or long workouts on either road or XC.

Last thing: the side zips are long and prone to letting in weather. I think they could have been designed a little better.


5 5

I got the Bormio jersey and bibshort kit on Bonktown recently and am really, really pleased with the purchase. At 5'8", I had no problems with a short jersey or low-cut bib, unlike the previous reviewer. On the contrary, I found the size-large jersey almost too long in the back for my taste (it's not as tight as some Italian jerseys, so the roomy pockets don't hold things tight to your back), though I like that the jersey doesn't bunch up in the front when you're in riding posture.
I have to comment also on the quality of the fabric - it's this soft waffle-knit poly that kept me exceptionally comfortable on a 90+, humid VA ride. The jersey also wicks and evaporates much better than many other brands' fabrics. It was dry at the end of the ride.
The full zip is a definite plus, as is the inimitable Italian style.


5 5

These bibs are excellent. I really like the low cut in the front - it allows me to pee much better than most bibs, and the minimalist cut stays put like only bibs can, yet doesn't smother your midsection on hot days. The AC chamois has been comfy on a few 40+ milers, and can't see why it wouldn't continue being comfy on a century. I thought the unusually wide-set straps would be uncomfortable, but I didn't even notice them after a few miles. The 2-colored elastic at the hems is a sweet style touch. I also dig the white side panels - looks pro without the threat of exposure of fully white shorts.

The material is top-rate: the spandex is high-quality and the mesh on the bibs is good. I'm not sure I agree with the $220 price point since these don't seem to have exotic compression fabrics, etc, but at $110 on Bonktown I was so happy to see them come up again that I bought a second pair of the same shorts for the first time.


4 5

These gloves generally live up to FOX standards - they fit well and will last a long time, especially for a light-duty/warm weather glove.
My big gripe with these is that they do not have a terry patch on the back of the thumb. This may not sound like a big deal, but I wipe snot in any weather and don't enjoy chafing my nose in this necessary procedure. I would give them three stars for this egregious oversight, but I got a great deal for them on Chainlove. My little gripe would be that although they look great with this (brown/white) color scheme, anything white on a MTB glove does not look too bling after a few rides.