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TD Teddy B

TD Teddy B

TD Teddy B

TD Teddy Bwrote a review of on May 15, 2012

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My favorite pair of glasses. Changing lenses is so east and fast. I regularly switch between indoor and outdoor lenses depending on the setting, time of day. I know it sounds stupid but I feel like I can see better with these on. And im 20/20. extremely comfortable. ill wear these all day on the river or mountain biking and they never slip, never make your ears hurt or give you a headache. had mine for a year now and treated roughly, there are no scratches or dings. pop out lenses and stick in dishwasher (FRAME NOT LENSES). would def buy again if broken or lost. --i have them in red and black

Oh and the lenses can only be seen through in direct sunlight 3-4 feet away, and very faintly. So stay in the shade, creep on creepin' on.