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5 5

The helmet fits well. It's #1 focus is safety. I do not want a TBI, even a mild concussion, again. I chose POC as my best bet, particularly for their dual layer system (decreases maximum force) and their MIPS system (decreases rotational forces that cause concussions).

The M/L fit is similar to my Giro Remedy CF medium. I liked the Giro, but it was old and I chose to upgrade. Compared to the Giro, the construction is better, the protective features are better, the hearing is better, and I am thinking the visor won't randomly fall off like the Giro.

The Giro is notably cooler when standing still, but the Cortex DH's venting system works very well when moving and isn't notably hotter than the Giro.

I use this for DH Mtb and skiing.


5 5

POC redesigned these since then. They are easy to put on and take off, requiring only 3 straps and one optional sleeve (you can leave the sleeve off if you are pedaling all day). The calf protector is also removable. They articulate with the wearer better than any design on the market. POC really thought this out.

These are the first and only guards I've tried (and I've tried about 6) that don't ride up, slip down, or rotate around. They are surprising breathable. They protect AMAZINGLY well. I have DH crash tested them and they have saved me from impacts that should have resulted in stitches or even surgery. They have the most comprehensive coverage of any guard I've seen.

I've also used Rock Gardn and Roach protectors what slipped up, down, around, and rubbed the back of my knee raw. I've tried at least 3 other types too.

I am 5'10", 165lbs, 31.5" inseam, and I wear the Large.