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My skin is notoriously dry. I also hate the nasty goopy, oily feeling of a some sunscreens. This works great to keep me safe from the sun and my skin hydrated.

I got the spray on version for quick application. I'm not the greatest when it comes to putting on sunscreen so the convenience is well worth the extra price in my case.


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If I was designing a patch kit this would be it. The container is quality, not flimsy soda can aluminum. You can drive a car over it. It keeps everything clean and organized. It has just enough extra room to fold up a $20 for emergencies.

I've used plenty of these patches thanks to some sub-par tires I was running. Not a single patch has failed. Easy to use and a quality patch.


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These aren't the most whiz bang shorts out there as you should know from their $39.95 price tag, but they do work well. After 25 miles or so my sit bones are a bit sore and I need to start standing every once in a while to get the blood flowing, but they're great for shorter distances.

If you're on a budget and tend to do shorter rides these are great.