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While this is now the outgoing generation of the XTR crankset, they still are one of the best XC cranksets around. While everyone is going to a single ring setup, I still prefer having two rings (and somedays still miss having a triple ring setup because of the 46T outer ring).

These cranks are stiff, solid, and flat out just work. They may not be fancy and made from carbon but they can take a beating and keep on going. I've got a set that have survived three different frames over the past two years and they are still going strong.

The chainrings do wear out but with two rings the wear will be higher than running three rings. If you have massive legs and a VO2 like sled dog go for the 42/30 ring setup.


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I'm not a big fan of running mainly because the aches and pains, in the lower extremities, after running (zero technique and feel like an Earth magnet while running with heavy strides). An endurance running friend turned me onto these shoes and I figured I would give them a try.

It does take a little getting used to the amount of cushioning the shoes offer but I knew I liked them when I did not have pain later in the day after a morning trail run. Prior to using these shoes I could not run more than 30 minutes without pain later in the day. Now I can run over an hour + without any impact related issues.

Another benefit to the overly large soles is the amount of traction going downhill (Just like mountain bikers throwing a 2.3 knobby on for traction) and of course your trail surface and conditions may differ.

Running uphill with the large soles will require a little extra lift to clear the toe but you'll get used to it quickly and won't even think about it after your first couple of runs.

If you can get over the "Old Lady Butt Toning" shoe look or comments from your spouse like "You're not wearing those if we go out are you?" then you will enjoy these. Your knees and other joints will appreciate them.


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First off I agree that paying attention to the size chart is necessary. I ordered a size small (5'7" with beefy thighs) and they fit well. I've tried many other shorts from Fox, Royal, Endura, and Troy Lee but these are by far the best fitting. They are not "Bro" fit and are more xc oriented which I prefer. Even on the steepest climbs the waist band does not feel like it is digging into your stomach. When out of the saddle they don't feel like they're around your hips. I've been wearing them over bibshorts without any issues. They vent well and don't feel hot (summer temps here reach over 100F). Durability is good as there are no signs of saddle marks yet after a couple months of riding in them. Would highly recommend these shorts.