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Here's what others have to say...

Ok just to clear things up, saying Intense is not the best at providing parts for old frames is not true. It may take time but they can make you just about anything for your old frame. I got a swingarm for a 2001 Uzzi SL last year for a customer no prob. With that said I do much prefer the M6 over the M3. The M3 feels very short in the coqpit, BB feels tall, and no matter what it just doesn't seem to absorb bumps like the M6. If all you can afford is the M3 thats cool you'll like it, but if you can cough up the cash for the M6, do it! you'll LOVE it!!

Well the 9 and 20 mil refers to the axle size. Yes for the most part mountain bikes are standardized at 9mm axles. Though many people are now prefering a bigger axle because they are realizing how much better the bike steers with a stiffer (tortionally) front end. This is where the 20mm comes in, and now the new 15mm. Both of these provide a better handling bike by reducing the amount of "slop" while cornering...etc. So basically up in the options box you just have to choose 9mm if you have a standard for or 20mm if you have a big fat axle. Hope this helps! =)

The weights go as follows for the Mezcal 1.9:
TNT - 570g
UST - 680g
Foldable - 430g
Rigid (steel bead) - 570g

TNT is a tire that Geax says you can use with out without a tube, however it does not have the same butyl casing as the UST specific version tire. The TNT is the same weight as their steel bead tire, but if your running tubes go for the foldable version because it is crazy light at 430g

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These work great. They didn't wear out as quick as I thought they would, but I can say they really don't last quite as long as steel cleats. I'm just pumped to have crank bros. pedals in the first place....


5 5

I have the Candy C's and they are soo nice. If I had the money and cared about weight I would have for sure got these. The look is amazing and I know the TI is super durable. Judging by how well I like my cheap candies I can surely say these would only be better.


3 5

These pedals are definitely very nice high quality units. They have very durable aluminum bodies, great feeling spindle bearings, the spindles are strong, and the body is nice and concave. The only issue I had was that the pins are super small. If you wear 5.10 shoes, they will probably be ok, if not, I'd consider getting something else.


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I can honestly say I have not seen many of these pedals last very long. The plates usually break, ok sure they give you extra plates, but those will break too. Almost everyone I know bought them because they were by far the best looking pedals on the market, but really none of them would buy again because they didn't last. If you really don't ride that hard, hardly every hit things, and love cool colors these would be great for you. Oh yeah and if you do decide to buy make sure to lock-tite the plate fastening screws BEFORE your first ride.