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I tried these in place of my usual Conti's and the ride difference was notable and impressive. These tires perform as advertised.

However they don't hold up to road debris very well. The tread cuts very easily and after a couple of weeks I had some serious "gashes" in both tires. The 320 TPI and Kevlar construction kept the casing intact (pristene even) but eventually a piece of grit or glass would work its way into the cut and at 120psi that meant a flat -- I estimated I was getting 1 flat per 200km.

I wanted these tires to work so I replaced the rear after it developed a really bad cut but the replacement went the same way after a couple of rides. I switched to a heavier duty tube and lowered the pressure to 100 psi and suffered till I could justify replacing them with Conti 4000s's. It was frustrating because the tread on the front wasn't worn after 1500km but I just couldn't deal with the flatting. On the bright side my flat fixing times dropped.

If you want a race tire, I would recommend them. If you want durability/reliability, look elsewhere.


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I have used mine for 2 seasons and am very pleased with these. I use them on rides of up to 4 hours and they are really comfortable. The shaping and padding are ideal for road biking.

Weren't as warm as I thought they would be given their Primaloft insulation. I add a glove liner for the colder days and this works for me.


4 5

than the other vest options.

I bought this to give me a packable layering option for cool days in the 10C range where my windblocker jackets were overkill and just a base layer wasn't enough. I found it was something I can put on and ride for hours without even unzipping. Just enough wind blocking up front and a mesh rear means no overheating after 30 minutes.

My medium fit to the Sizing Chart.


2 5

I have used these for years and was generally happy with them but this year has been a disaster. One defective valve. Pinched/Punctured three more multiple times each with Kevlar belted tires. I've never had to repair this many flats ever and it was only 1/2 a season. I have previously gone entire seasons (4-6K KM) with the same tube so either I have been very unlucky or Continental has a problem.


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I have used Sugoi RS for the past 2 seasons and previously gave them 5-stars. Just switched to RSE's and they are much better and worth the extra $'s (and a star). The Chamois/padding is excellent and really feels better over the long haul (centuries). The RSE material is lighter weight than any other short I have tried and better on hot days. They have replaced the RS's silicon elastic on the cuffs with a superior lycra elastic that doesn't irritate like the RS and fits much better than the Louis Garneau Carbon Lazer equivalent (which ride up).

The sizing is the same as the RS (a slim cut) with more compression. They have cut the front lower than the rear so it is a better cycling posture fit.

My only gripe is that they have an overly long draw string which I haven't figured out why and what to do with.


5 5

The fit is slim/athletic so pay attention to the sizing chart e.g. Large are for a 34 inch waist and this is accurate.

The waist has a high rise so you get the benefits of a bib short without the hassle. These fit better than other cheaper Sugoi shorts (e.g. Evolution)

The Formula FX chamois is one of the best around and is good for centuries.


5 5

It has finally warmed up enough that I have been able to ride with this instead of my winter jackets. I have been doing 2 hour rides at around +5C with only a lightweight Merino wool base layer under this jacket.

This jacket has performed exactly as I wanted. It has blocked the wind without being too warm. I was very surprised how little I perspired with it on. The rear venting is just the right size and placement.

This jacket is as light and thin as a jersey. It fits small (I'd normally wear large but I bought an XL as per the sizing chart) and it is cut for a cyclist (not walking around wear). The elasticized waist and cuffs are the best I've seen/used (and I own 5 cycling jackets). The pockets are a useful size.

I previously gave this a 4-star rating but after riding with it for a few hours I am willing to overlook the missing upper zipper garage.


5 5

A very durable high performance tire. They are a legitimate 23 not a 21/22 labeled a 23 so the lightweight doesn't compromise the ride. The tire wear indicator is a nice feature to have. I've put 3000km on mine without a flat and minimal wear. I think they will be good for 6000km+. They are very difficult to mount the first time. I don't know about the 2nd time because I haven't had to re-mount them.