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3 5

For me these shorts are good for rides up to about 1.5-2 hours in length. Anything longer than this distance and the very large, thick chamois makes itself known in my size small pair.
Some of my riding buddies swear by these shorts in L and XL sizes, where the chamois is proportionately smaller, but if you're a S or M like me I suggest checking out Castelli's shorts and bibs.


4 5

After about a thousand miles with these gloves I've been impressed with their durability and functionality. The gel has held up well, even after multiple washings, and is placed correctly for my riding position (predominantly on the hoods, with some flat bar riding while climbing).
My only gripe with these gloves, and what keeps them from a perfect 5 star billing, is the velcro closure. It's useless and unnecessary, providing no real adjustment in these already well-fitting gloves. Further, it interferes with my watch (worn with the face on the bottom of my wrist). When these finally wear out I will be purchasing the Rosso Corsa glove, which doesn't have the velcro.


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I've used many taillights over the last few years, and find this model to be my favorite. The 1-watt LED is amazingly bright, and friends who've passed me while riding have indicated that the light is much more visible than most riders they've passed.
My favorite use for this light is actually on my road bike during daylight hours. Whether it's overcast, or a time of day with long shadows cast, this baby goes a long way in keeping me visible and safe!