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Shane O

Shane O'Donnell

Shane O'Donnell

Shane O'Donnellwrote a review of on May 23, 2010

5 5

Great bar for on the trail, on the bike, in the class, where ever you are. I like the flavours all of which are great, although I can't actually eat the nut ones. The Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter is an awesome flavour, but you need to switch it up every so often so flavours don't get boring. I like to mix it up with the Blueberry Crisp, Cool Mint Chocolate and even the Cranberry Apple Cherry. If you switch out different bars at random, then you will never find that the taste is overly repetitive. It isn't dry like some bars, but moist and chewy, which makes it easy to eat and promotes drinking water at the same time. There are TONS of nutrients to keep you moving, even on hungover hike day when I forgot to pack a lunch. The square shape of the bar makes it easy to pack, and unique.