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Got them for the easy electrolyte boost. I always seem to drop them in water bottles that are too big, (i.e. nalgene) so they end up being pretty watered down, kind of like that lemons and water wedding punch you drink just because it's there. I'm sure they taste better with the recommended 16 oz bottle, but these are just so convenient I can't help it, just drop it in and go.


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Ok, this thing is really cool! It's 2 tools in one! You can use the one side to get at the inner parts of many bottom brackets (like on many mt bikes) or use the other side to get at the outer parts of many bottom brackets (like on many road bikes). Perfect for me who works on bikes with both of these types. On a side note, I thought it was a clever design to be able hand tighten/loosen bottom brackets by grabbing onto the outside edge of tool or for the stubborn bb's just throw the wrench on the center of the tool. Very versatile.