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Best shake around, rivaling shakeology (which has whey). highly recommend the chai flavor as well, blend it up with some fruit for a bit more substance.

The only problem is CC's price on this is not competitive enough, no pun intended. You can find it for $10 less all over the place.


1 5

the design is great.

the construction on these is terrible. i recommend buying them if you like having your crotch seam stitching start to come undone while on a group ride. you'll make new friends.


3 5

great socks, they run big. i'm a 9.5, bought the appropriate size, and they flop around a bit. probably better fit for those closer to ceiling values of each size range.


2 5

By far one of the nicest cuts on the market, but they're terrible shorts. First, absolutely...


If you're about to, here's what you should do instead. Strip naked. Go into your kitchen and get some wax paper. Tear off a few feet, wrap it around your waist, and clip it so it stays in place. Then go stand in front of a mirror, spouse, or housemate. Keep this moment of pure terror and shame fresh in your mind when you return to make your purchase here.

The chamois is great, typical Castelli quality. So I bought 3pr in black instead. The problem is the chamois is the only thing they have going for them, and it is barely held in place. The seams break. The elastic is so loose you shouldn't expect any compression or support. Basically they are a nicely cut vessel for holding a chamois in place, and even then, barely.

I've since turned these into my commuting bibs, and would recommend the Castelli Free for any recreational riding/training/etc.


3 5

For nonpermanent fenders, these are fantastic. I've used them for three northern california rainy seasons so far and plan to use them for many more.

Pros: easy to attach/detach, does the job, very adjustable, plastic case for storage
Cons: need to affix included rubber stickers to your bike to hold snug, fenders constantly need adjustment before/after/during rides, they easily get knocked out of alignment.

In short, there are so many points of articulation on each fender (intended for making them fit perfectly) that the result is any bump, knock, flex, or even just road vibration and wind, will mess them up. they're still great, and i like mine, but i'd say every few rides i have to reach down and adjust them to keep them from rubbing the tire, getting caught in the brakes, etc.


4 5

i ride mostly 40-50 mile climbs + rollers, so my judgment of these is based on that type of riding.

chamois is excellent. not as comfortable as a cannondale la-z-boy type for centuries, but easier on your tailbones than sugoi.

breathability: excellent. straps are so thin they are hardly noticeable. but...

fit: thighs...i love it. excellent muscle support. they really compress around the front of the quads and stay there. but the real problem is that the front really cuts into my stomach when i'm crunching. the whole appeal of bibs is that you don't feel the elastic on your waist, but you do notice the elastic on these when you are hunched over. any excess skin on your stomach has to make the decision to either be under the elastic or over it, and you feel it at first. by mile 10 you don't really notice or care, but that's why i'd give this -1 star. otherwise, these are my favorite bibs. just ordered the Velocissimos though, which have a higher waist, so we'll see...