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For this price, below $60, I don't think you will find another race saddle this light, with a very slim and sleek profile and carbon rail. I just switched out the stock saddle on my racing bike, and this saddle clocks in at 55% the weight of the old one! So it is great in that sense. But where it is lacking is in creature comfort. They don't seem to have considered padding very thoroughly. The lack of padding and dimension in the nose of the saddle leaves much to be desired, in terms of your nether regions after a long ride. But for what it is, a light racing saddle, it does the job.


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These are nice tires, definitely worth the sale price. I bought them in an effort to turn my modernly appointed vintage steel framed touring road bike into a quick and dirty cross bike. With my tubed clincher rims, the installation process has been a nightmare. Worst part about the tires. The tread is awesome, they don't seem to be wearing out, and perform well on dirt, gravel, and pavement. But they are so dang cumbersome to reinstall. It is so hard to get them to seat right, and to stop it from bulging upwards around the tube's valve. I dread getting flats on these. But luckily, thanks to the protective thick tread, I've only gotten one flat after 6 months or so of riding.