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I LOVE these shirts. I bought one for my base layer for the Antarctic Ice Marathon, and it was perfect because it was soft against my skin, allowed me to move comfortably without being restrictive or sliding around, and it definitely kept me warm. I just wore one as my top layer (over a Tshirt) to hike Mt Katahdin in Maine, and again it was perfect-- didn't ride up or slide around while I was scrambling around on rocks and kept me warm in the wind on the peak. I wear Larges because I don't like shrink-wrap fitted base layers (that whole movement thing), and the sleeves fit perfectly!


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When it comes to the intended use of these gloves, they are fantastic. The windbreaker mitten works really well, and they are warm without being overly bulky. Every time a blizzard hit the northeast US this winter, I was out running wearing these and my fingers stayed toasty the whole time. If I started to get a little warm, I would take off the mitten part for a few minutes to let my hands cool down. My only complaint is about the fit of the gloves, which is really bizarre. I do not have small hands, and I have quite long fingers. However, the first pair of these gloves that I had were a size medium, which is what I usually wear, and the pointer finger and thumb were SO long that I could completely fold them over down to my first knuckle. So I exchanged them for a small, and the thumb is still about a quarter inch too long! The rest of the glove fits snugly, so going down yet another size isn't an option. If you have really long thumbs, these will be perfect. If you have average or short thumbs, these gloves will not fit properly.

*Update after the Antarctic Ice Marathon: Wore these with a thin glove liner underneath and my hands were warm and toasty the entire race. Being able to flip off the wind mitten for some temperature control was great.