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I used this while training for a half marathon in Jamaica. It made my 10+ mile runs much more bearable, as exercising in a humid tropical environment is a totally different
beast with the amount of sweat that you produce. I had never run with a hydration pack before, so the loudness of the water sloshing around in there with each step was rather surprising at first. But after I figured out that hooking the hydration tube between the shoulder straps across my chest held the pack tightly to me, this thing was great. I wish there was an actual strap there for this use, as unhooking the tube for a drink was rather annoying, but it was that or the pack bouncing all over the place. This thing saved me from horrible dehydration alongside a highway in Jamaica, so it did what it is designed to do.


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Clif Bar has yet to disappoint me. Not only do these little gummi blocks taste exactly like the flavor they're named, they are made out of real food. Real food! When I read the ingredient list, I can actually pronounce the words and know what the ingredients are. This is amazing, especially considering the state of the 'food product' industry at the moment. And to top it off, they make a noticeable impact on my energy level. These are great to have for any activity that lasts more than an hour, which is to say pretty much everything. It's great to have an energy food that isn't loaded with caffeine and 'is that food?' items.


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I've been using these on my mountain bike on and off for about 2 years. They've held up well; however, I don't ride every day. That being said, I have smashed them into rocks, slammed them against the ground and generally abused them and they've survived.

They're a breeze to clip in and out of. I've never had mud or anything else interfere with their functionality. I'd give them an A++ for ease of use.

The platform is just big enough to use with regular shoes if you're only going a mile or two. Beyond that and I'm fairly positive your feet would not be happy with you.

Basically, it's a great pedal for a good price.