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Just got the FAMA Jersey and I am not a FAN-A.
Great fabric, feels smooth and comfortable to the skin. As most of the Castelli gear the quality of the fabric seems pretty high.

Overall some nice details to the jersey like the rubber grippers, and the graphics look great.

There is a light fleece layer on the inside that looks like it would do a pretty good job knocking the chill out of the air on a cool morning but not sure if it would do much on a 40 degree day.

First off- I ordered the yellow expecting a fairly bright yellow like the photo. Unfortunately, the color is a washed out yellow closer to a washed out "you're in" color.

Second I am not tall and bit carry more girth. I am 5-7 with a big frame and close to 190. I know, I know, but still other Castelli stuff like the GPM in xxl jersey fits well- maybe even a touch big. With this one it was a bit short in front, very tight throughout, with long sleeves that were very loose fitting.

Overall I would probably have kept it but the horrible yellow color tells me it would never really grow on me so it is going back.


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Now a review for the fat guys out there! Yes 5'8" and 190 is not a cyclist body but more of a sausage body, but having put in over 6k miles in the past half a year and dropping 2 short sizes I figured I needed something a bit better that could take the miles, abuse and be a bit more comfy. I found em. I've worn Giordanas, Pearl Attacks and PI Elite Inrcool, as well as some house brands and these are in a different league.

The compressive fit feels tight at first. and although I usually wear a L in LG and PI brand I tried these on at a local bike shop. The XL fit more like a large that was a bit snug so I ordered them. This was the right size. And every ride I am amazed how my muscles still seem to feel fresh while riding over some of the nastiest roads and bumps around. The leg bands beat any grippers I have worn by a country mile.

The chamois is also great. absorbs perspiration and still seems to stay dry. I did get a bit of camel toe at first and they did smash the goods a bit but once I started riding everything stayed where it should and was very comfortable once I was in my riding position.

The XL bib straps are a bit tall for my height but very manageable- actually I would rather have them less tight then digging into my skin. I ordered a pair and immediately realized I needed another. If you are looking for something a bit better, give them a try I think you'll be very impressed.