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Ryan Conklin

Ryan Conklin



Ryan Conklin

Ryan Conklinwrote a review of on September 29, 2014

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I found this light while searching for a "good headlamp for cycling," and I was impressed with the integration of the helmet-mounted headlamp and the rear red light. Although the price is a bit intimidating, you're getting two devices in one: a headlamp AND a rear safety light.

Installation: It took me 10min to get the light mounted on my Giro helmet since I was unfamiliar with the setup. Note: Light & Motion's website has additional installation pictures for clarification if you find yourself scratchin' the ol' noggin.

Impressions so far: I love that the light has a tilt adjustment, so you can dial it to point pretty much exactly where you want it to shine, and because it's on your helmet--rather than your handlebars--your light shines where you look, which means 360 degree visibility since handlebars are limited to pointing just in front of you.

I find the beam strength of the 360 PLUS is great for dark country roads, and even in neighborhoods here in NM where streetlights are not as common. The less bright of the two options (first option on the regular 360 model) is sufficient for most of my neighborhood rides when it's not pitch black out. I haven't used the strobe setting yet, but I'm glad that toggling between the lights doesn't include an option that turns the light off as is standard with most headlamps (you have to hold the button down to power it off). Also, I really like that the red light on the back can be turned off while leaving the front light on--helpful for not distracting riders behind me while off-roading.

What it's missing: One ding is that you can't really wear this light without a helmet, which is a bummer because I would love to take this thing hiking/running since it's so bright. Another improvement would be to add a toggle option so that the red light could be set to strobe for added protection, but the constant red light is still a BIG win for safety.

Overall, I'm really happy with the twin value of this light: It lights my way and watches my back. Ride on!