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Same as the review below. Haven't even attempted to ride with this vest as the zip will not close as it gets caught in the flappy piece of material at the top. Seems that it would be a good product, especially fit-wise, but if it doesn't work as it should, don't even waste your time with it.


4 5

The shorts in general are fantastic. I've been wearing several different versions of these shorts for the last two years so I've gotten to know them pretty well. The fit is excellent with no sagging or extra material flapping anywhere. The straps are thin and lay flat against the torso very well indeed. The reasons as to why I not giving them five stars are as follows: One, the chamois is great, but it still doesn't beat the chamois that Assos use on their shorts; and two, they really could use a silicone backed elastic gripper on the bottom of the legs. This is actually my biggest flaw to point out in these shorts. After some time the fabric starts to curl upwards at the bottom of the legs! Not a cool look. I'm going to try to alter the shorts as I'd like to keep using them.


2 5

A beautiful classic looking jersey which fits extremely well. The light fabric is very breathable, however, the reason why I'm only giving the jersey two stars is due to the construction of the rear pockets. They seem large and wide enough to stash your stuff in, but after two or three rides the pockets start to tear where they are sewn to the jersey. For the price paid, this shouldn't happen, but it did...twice!