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first off the picture they have is incorrect the member submitted image with the white sides is the correct version. The white sides look terrible so realcyclist needs to change that image. The picture they display looks way better than the one i recieved. The material is that odd somewhat course material that i guess does the job. one of the pockets is smaller i assume by design but its tough to get my hand into. I Wanted to return it but i wouldve lost out with the return shipping costs so i kept it. At least it was on sale, but perhaps it may be the jersey for you. Too tri gear inspired for my tastes.


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I scooped these up on bonktown at a great price, and although i cant attest to an energy gain, i enjoyed these chews as a snack.

If i use a product like this its usually a blok or an energy bean, and these were just a tasty. its reminiscent of a gummi candy with strawberry jam in the middle.