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Here's what others have to say...

4 5

The "Tech Specs" claim 5 pockets - 2 hand, 2 back, and 1 side (cell phone pocket); no side cell pocket. In fact if you look at the sample pictures there is no side pocket seen.

Not a big deal for me since I got it for really cheap. Had I'd paid full or close to retail I probably would have felt ripped off.

Anyway ... still a nice and comfortable.

It is true to size. I've had problems with some Fox shorts in the past where they didn't feel true to size (generally one size too small).


5 5

If you want awesome braking performance, seriously consider the Saints! These things grab with little effort!

It took me a while to figure out how to modulate them so have patience!

I wasn't too sure on the performance of mineral oil versus DOT 5 fluid. I no longer have those concerns. Though they did feel a bit spongy after one of the long runs at Mammoth, it didn't take long for them to come back to life again.

If you want to improve the braking performance, pair these up with the Shimano ICE Tech rotors! They cost a bit more than the stock rotors but they do dissipate the heat better/faster.

Super braking performance!


5 5

Halfway to Tahoe this summer I realized that I forgot my DH helmet at home! Called the wife who confirmed that it was in the garage. Nuts! Figured I could buy or worse rent (eww!) one once I got up to Tahoe.

Since I didn't want to spend a fortune on a helmet, I did want a decent one, I found that all of the bike shoppes in the area carried Giro and Fox (I have a personal preference to 661). Giro is good but they seem big and round for some reason. That left Fox.

The bike shoppe in the village had this helmet for a reasonable price and they knocked off $20 because they didn't have the original box for it.

Anyway, I would caution people with the sizing. For most of my DH/FF helmets, medium is the perfect fit (with the exception of Azonic). The Large was a better fit. The medium was just too snug. Just something to watch out for.

I rode two days at Tahoe with it and where the visor is located compared to my 661 is slightly different (where I'm use to seeing the edge of the visor was different with the Fox). Not a big deal. It has a great wide opening so vision is not impaired at all.

The padding is soft and it breathes pretty good. It's slightly heavier than my 661 but not by a lot (I don't feel it when I'm wearing it).

The only negatives I have is the lack of goggle strap grips by the opening (not a big thing, just had to tighten the goggle straps a bit more).

It's a great overall DH/FF helmet that won't break the bank! Looks good and is comfortable...

My first Fox FF helmet


4 5

Provides good elbow protection. Forearm protection is also pretty decent. I have fairly long arms and it covers almost up to my wrist (close to my body armour suit).

My arms are also somewhat slim which makes elbow and forearm armour a challenge; they always tend to slide down my arm. These don't do that and I don't have to tighten them down so tight to where I'm losing feeling in my fingers!

They breathe OK and they're thin enough to where they fit under my jersey (long, short and 3/4 sleeve). I'll sometimes wear these when I'm riding a really technical XC trail.

The only negative would be for those who have slightly wider arms. It could be too tight of a fit.

Good protection


5 5

I bought this back in 2007 and it's saved my knees and shins from numerous mishaps! I have a few deep gashes in the shin area which were the result of my foot slipping a pedal. Had it not been for the awesome protection I could have easily fractured my shin!

Once you get the straps setup you'll never have to adjust them again! They never slide or slip down my leg when pedaling. The times where I've been separated from my bike (aka: a crash) they've always remained strapped to my legs.

They breathe pretty well too and they clean up easy. I just put them into the washer every now and then and they're good as new again.

They're also thin enough to where they fit under my DH pants easily.

That all said, they are kinda pricey but when I think back on all the times it's saved me from serious injury I don't regret the price! As indicated, I got mine back in 2007 and the rear elastic straps are finally starting to show their age. In 2012 I will no doubt have to retire these and get a new pair. 4 years is awesome if you ask me!

These are the best leg armour!