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You have the option of running the fork mounts backward on your factory rack. Instead of mounting the fikes with the fork facing the front of your vehicle, you can simply mount the rack on the back bar with the rear wheel facing the front fo the car, and you should be golden., If you have not already tried to mount the Frk Lift on the factory bars, try moving your front bar all the way forward and then attaching the fork lifts If this does not work and you still have contact with the rear Hatch, attach it as I recommended earlier and you will be fine,

As long as your Forester has the fatory cross bars, you can use a set of Yakima 3590 Universal Mighty Mounts for $40, or you can use Mighty Mounts 24 H which are $36 for the set of 4 per bike mount. You can put up to 2 bikes on your Subaru Rack with either option and start enjoying the Spring weather that is certain to come this month.

Dear Will It Fit..
The Skybox 16 was designed to work perfectly with your vehicle, that is part of why you see so many happy Subaru owners running around with this great box on top of their cars. You have about 1" between the hatchback and the box when you open it with the box in the forward position when you install it. Join the group of smiling Subaru owners with their great Skybox 16's on top of their cars. Oh and you get the added perk of being able to pen the box on either side, so it does not matter which side you install the box on. Give your friends rack envy with your Yakima Skybox.

You can use your Raptor with a 201 outback, but there is not a specific Mighty Mount available at this time. Your best option would be to use a Universal Mighty Mount. The great thing with the universal is that it will not only work on your Subaru, but it will also work on hundreds of other vehicles if you choose to road trip in some other vehicle. It is called the Universal Mighty Mount Part number 3590 and it retails for $40 instead of the $36 for the other mighty mounts which are vehice specific and not quite as "Universal".