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1. great female specific fit
2. magnetic attachment for the hydration hose to attach to the chest strap - LOVE this
3. stretch mesh on the sides for shoving a jacket or layer into the outer flap/pocket area
4. side stretch mesh pocket - perfect size for my phone, and so far keeps it secure but is easier access if I want to pull it and take a picture, or check the stats on my gps tracking app.
5. separate main compartment vs tool pocket vs sunglass pocket
6. mesh back panel
7. It's nice to be able to carry 3 liters of water, and I will sometimes add another .75 liter platy bottle for 20+ mile rides in the summer

1. I put holes in the bite valve pretty early in it's life, and while it has a locking feature, it doesn't always work, and still slowly leaks. I have taken to blowing the water back down the tube so it's less likely to leak, but this is harder to do when the bladder is full.
2. in it's 2nd summer of use, I have had issues with the hydration bladder leaking, I now have to make sure the lid is screwed on as tight as possible and always double check that it's not leaking.
3. I find the pack to be most comfortable with only 1.5 liters of water. When it's maxed out at 3 liters the pack is bursting at its seams and becomes less comfortable on my back. Great for after work rides, a little bit of a bummer on the 20 mile weekend rides. Nice to have the capacity, but it could be more comfortable.
4. I think they could have done a better job with the tool organization.... I keep my pump and extra tube in the main compartment, along with a layer if I have it, or sometimes a point and shoot camera. Then I keep my multi-tool, tire levels, patch kit, etc in the smaller organizer pocket. I wish there was a separate pocket somewhere for food/snacks/bars etc.


4 5

I think this light is great to use around town, helps other ppl/cars/cyclists see you. But is not a cheap replacement for a more powerful riding light.

I was also hoping to use it as a back-up light for mountain biking night rides.... I did not expect it to be bright enough for full speed, or even half speed, but it's only good for about a walking pace. It will get you out of dark trail eventually, but you'll probably be walking.

Otherwise, this light is great for it's real intended purpose. Also very small, light, easy to stash in a pack, and very easy to attach and remove for your bars. And great price!!!

I also used this around camp when I couldn't find my camping headlamp.