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Oh my, I had a bit of the opposite problem. I bought my usual size and a half size down to try on. My usual size was too long, and thus loose in the heel, but the half size down was then perfect for the heel and too narrow in the toes. I was afraid I would find nothing but pain if my feet swelled up in the slightest.

I also found the tongue to be uncomfortable against my angle. I don't understand the short hard leather-edged tongue on a bike shoe when you are constantly flexing at that very spot. Sure they put a slit in it to help it flex a little, but I'm not sold. A bit of neoprene, or molding/seewing it away from the ankle, or something would have been great.

I am bummed on those things, because otherwise I really liked the soles and the stiffness (as much as I could tell without using them) and I prefer the velcro straps to laces any day.

The tongue may not bother everyone (and if I give them the benefit of the doubt, I would hope that is something that breaks in and softens up and becomes a non-issue?), so if this happens to be the right shape for your foot, you may be stoked on these!

I guess overall I'd say they seem to be made for more narrow feet, or narrower toe-box.

Hope that helps!?


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Loving my Juliana overall, but decided to try some thicker diameter grips and wider bars. In the process however, a nice feature of these grips was brought to light... They allow you to use every millimeter of your handlebar widths.

It sounds so obvious, but in the process of "upgrading" to a wider bar and a different brand of lock-on grips, I'm realizing that a good chunk of my bar width is getting eaten up by the lock-on at the end and some extra grip molding (unlike these Juliana grips).

So... in wordy conclusion... a tip of my hat to Juliana for saving a little weight and hardware by only using one lock-on on the inside, avoiding the need/use of a lock-on end cap that will probably fall off and get lost anyway, and creating a grip that uses every available bit of width in one's bars.

Also of note.... they say the Juliana lock-on grip is only compatible with the Juliana bars, but I noticed that they fit just fine on both the RaceFace SiXC DH and the RaceFace Next Riser 35mm Handlebars.