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5 5

so I grabed a bunch of socks on the 5 bucks day here at this site.
these socks are great. Slightly thicker than my microfiber puma running socks(feels like no sock at all) I generally wear while riding
but the slight change in thickness did have the benifit of snuggle-like comfort. Also much like my microfiber socks the length was just right for bibshorts. althought the other socks I purchased are mid-way up to the caf, which seem a little odd to me (but they were only $5 so...) I thick on that alone I have more love for these than the longer Castelli & Gordania sock I purchased.

best $5 ever spent


4 5

Wonderful off the bat, itlived up to its clame to fame. no kidding about fitting you whole life in this bag. sturdy, the extra strap that goes under your arm accross the chest for extra tug, isn't always needed because of the heft of the bag it usually stays put but on those windy days in chicago, yes it is a must. unfortuanately I didn't seearch very hard before i bought minez, so I paid full price n tax from chrome website, but I was also being a princess/Debby about the color... my only gripe is the lenght of the strap from the pull clamp, I'm a thin n lanky so when not ccarrying much i pull it tight n snug like, and so it's a lot of dangle that I wrap up, don't want to cut n restich just incase i need extra length....if not for that I'd give it five stars... maybe I'll add a thin velcro strip on the strap to hold it in place and not dangle or drop... fraid one day it might get caught in the chainring, or rear wheel and then I face plant!

Claim to Fame


5 5

contray to other reviews about this helmet ( not nessisarily on this site) this helmet is quit effiecient with air flow, comfort fit, and indeed does shave off time on rides/races... it actually works and to boot it's a mighty fine looking helmet for your brain.

Cool air flow & a time saver