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I got this singlet for the cool morning rides (60-70 deg), but I've continued to wear it in temps up to the low-80s. Gore's sizing chart worked perfectly for me. I'm 6'0", 183 lb. In most brands I'm a Medium, but in Castelli and Gore I'm a Large. The fit of the Large is perfect for me: snug without grabbing anywhere. It's so light that I don't even notice it once I'm on the bike.


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This is my third pair of Castelli bibs. I took a chance on a size Large, even though with Castelli I sometimes need an XL. I'm 6' 180lb, and a bit longer in the torso than in the legs. The Agnels are a perfect fit, including the leg length. (I recently bought a pair of Castelli Neros, and find them shorter in the leg than I prefer.) The Large are a tight fit, but I like that. They're definitely designed for hot weather, with narrower bib straps and a lower cut waist. On the bike they're insanely comfortable, and the Kiss3 chamois is perfect for me, less bulky than some competing brands. These will be my go-to shorts through the summer.


I've been wearing wool for more than 30 years, and have watched it fall out of fashion, and lately, become quite trendy. Different weights give you different amounts of warmth, and the weave determines how well it vents when you get too warm and sweaty. Wool has 2 great properties: it keeps you warm even when damp (more warm than synthetics, anyway), and it resists smells. I've got different base layers and jerseys for different temperatures. For this jersey, there's not enough information to tell the exact temperature range, but if it's like other long-sleeve wool jerseys, it would probably work in the 40s with a base layer and a top wind layer, the 50s with either a base layer or a wind layer, and the 60s and low 70s on its own. The other important information that's left out of the description is whether its made of merino wool. Merino isn't itchy or scratchy.

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I can't figure out why, but despite the bulk of these gloves, they don't keep my fingers warm once the temperature drops below freezing. At 28 deg. F., fingers on both hands get quite cold, even with heavy exertion. I've had to cover them up with nylon lobster wind covers to keep my fingers warm at 25 deg. F. Just not up to the job for me.


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I have problems with my toes going numb after a few hours in the saddle. The R310 felt amazing even before the custom heat molding. I rode in them for 100 miles before getting the molding done, and they're even better now.

The tightness of the straps is easy to adjust in the saddle. The extra wide main strap spreads the tension, and I've thrown myself at steep climbs without any perceivable stretching of the straps.

The mesh and sole vents provide lots of cooling, even through the worst of this summer's hot, humid days in Jersey.

I would never have chosen the bright silver color if there were other choices, but my wife likes the touch of bling.