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Bought these on Bonktown and love them. Large fits snugly, like a glove so to speak. Tried them out on a 75 mile ride the first day and they held up great. I usually wear long fingered gloves to protect my piano playing hands, but these were definitely cooler, temperature wise. Highly recommended.


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I have been riding these for at least 3,000 miles and they are still going strong. No problems at all. I have fallen a couple times and they get a little scraped up, but no big tears and really barely noticeable. Highly recommended.


There is no mention in the literature of using these with a mountain bike. The cantilever brakes have a different mounting system than these, which have a single mounting bolt. Does your bike have the correct mounting position for these? There is 40mm - 50mm of adjustment up and down on the brake pads, but I would be worried about fitting the tire and rim between the pads. A standard road tire is 23mm and yours is about 28mm. You can always click on the live chat button at the top right hand corner of this page and ask the gear experts. RealCyclist has a 30 day no questions asked money back return policy, so you could always try them out and return them if they did not work.

That is an open ended question. It depends on your riding style, your maintenance habits, who installs it for you, there are many factors. However, the lighter the chain, the less material holding it together, you do the math. I cleaned my dura-ace chain once a week and relubed with a wax based lubricant. I broke it at 2,000 miles. (on mile 147 of a 150 mile ride) I had it measured just before that ride and my LBS told me that I wasn't even close to needing a new chain. I have a couple hundred miles on a new Ultegra chain and so far so good. If you spin faster, a lighter chain would be OK. If you pedal hard and slow, you may want more steel in your chain. Be sure to do frequent inspections and cleanings. If you want to remove it for easy maintenance, I think the Whipperman is one of the few options left.

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