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When our old thule racks no longer worked with our new Subaru (with integrated roof racks) - we decided to switch to a hitch mount rack - this also helped with the fact that my short stature precluded me from loading bikes on my own. We have been very happy with the transition to hitch mount rack and more specifically the Kuat Sherpa - this rack is so easy to use - no more taking off wheels and having to make room for a dirty tire in your trunk. If you have a mountain bike with a thru axle (like my husband) this rack is also ideal because you don't have to deal with needing an adapter for a fork mount roof rack (which is what we had before).
And, no more having to wait for someone taller to help load my bike.
Also, Gun Metal Grey looks sweet with the orange accents!
Couple of things to keep in mind - First, if you have somewhat recessed hitch it is not ideal because you can't insert the hitch fully.
Second, if you park in a garage keep in mind that you will need about a foot of additional length to fit the car with the rack on (when folded)


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My husband was the first to start running with this watch and after weeks of me asking him about our mileage and pace when out for a run together I finally gave in and ordered my very own Forerunner. This GPS watch is extremely easy to use right out of the box, it has a user friendly interface that lets you easily navigate to the different settings (history, settings, time, etc.) and also sync your activities to the phone app via Bluetooth. I am not a fast runner by any means, but this watch has helped me pick up the pace a bit and push myself on hills (of which there are many in Utah). The display is easy to read - I keep it on the display with miles, time, and pace so that I can quickly look down and check in on all my stats without tripping on anything or having to futz with buttons to see the different information - it is all right there on the main display. The watch is low profile so it doesn't feel bulky on my small lady wrists.
Lastly, I love that this watch allows you to choose whether you want sound, vibration, or both at each mile marker (my husband likes to have the sound on as a little celebration for each mile he runs - whereas I prefer the sound off with just the vibration to let me know as I complete each mile).