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5 5

I love this tire. I have a 2.4 on the front and a 2.2 on the back of my Yeti SB95. The 2.4 is a pretty massive tire, but it's so dang solid through gnarly terrain that I can't justify taking it off to shave a few extra seconds.


5 5

I love this fork. I mounted it on a Yeti sb95 carbon and kept it at the 140mm setting even though Yeti specs this same fork but at a 120mm on the stock sb95. I haven't noticed any penalty so far in terms of climbing or bob, and the fork makes descents just insanely fun. Whether bombing through a rock garden, or taking a few feet drop, it feels incredible smooth and stable.

In my opinion, the CTD function is just enough to be able to control the fork depending on what terrain you're riding, but not so many controls that you'd rather just ride and not change anything. I usually hover between trail and descend, unless I'm on a long fire road climb, where I'll set it on climb.



4 5

I set these up on my Yeti sb95 carbon, and so far have been loving them. For a non carbon wheel, they are pretty lightweight, and have kept my bike weight down to 26lbs, which is pretty awesome for a trail bike 29'er.

These wheels are super easy to mount a tubeless tire on, and also switch between axle sizes really easily by just popping out one part of the hub with your hand (no tools) and adding one of the other sizes that are included with the set.

Love em


5 5

I'm seriously in love with this bike. I came from riding a Niner RIP 9, so I had pretty high standards, but this bike just blows everything out of the water I've ever ridden. It's incredibly responsive and stiff- it just goes the second you push the pedals down, and you feel like everything you put into it while climbing gets transferred so well. It seriously flies up hills.

The slightly slacker head angle is something I wasn't sure how I'd like, but it makes for super fun descents. I feel very confident tackling all sorts of terrain on this thing. I'm running a 140mm fork, which I think just makes the bike all the more fun.

For me (I'm 5'8"), the shorter top tube and chain stays make the bike super playful, but the slacker head angle also gives the bike a ton of stability and confidence when going down. I'm riding a size medium, and it fits me so much better than the Niner Rip 9 medium, which just always felt a tad too large.

Can't say enough good things about this bike. I wish I could ride it every day for years on end. Way to go, Yeti!

Worlds most perfect trail bike?