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This is a story about a man and his cat, but mostly the cat. Since Millie’s story debuted on Backcountry last May under the title, “My Climbing Partner Eats Chicken Liver,” she’s attained celebrity status. Thousands shared her story on social media and continue to follow her adventures, cat food companies are shipping grub to her doorstep, and she’s even had photo ops with internationally renowned publications (which legally, I can’t name prior to their being published). So it was a real pleasure to get out with Millie and her partner Craig to experience the action firsthand. Climbing partnerships require [...]

Backcountry Journal: Climbing with Millie the Cat


If you’ve ever seen deep-water soloing, you know how compelling it can be. Rock climbers dangle free and untethered far above the crashing surf, falling violently into the waves when the stone spits them off. Spaniards invented the sport on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca—a place where orange limestone cliffs jut out over the sea. They called the new climbing style ‘psicobloc,’ and for years I’ve watched video, but I’ve never had a chance to make the trip. Recently, though, I was able to get a taste of what it’s all about at the Utah Olympic Park—conveniently located across the [...]

Backcountry Journal: Deep-Water Soloing


Lake Powell is a bit of a paradox; it’s a crystal-clear ocean of bath water surrounded by an endless expanse of fiery red sandstone. But nature didn’t make it that way, and Glen Canyon Dam stands as a monolithic testament to what men can do with an infinite amount of concrete. I did get a melancholy vibe when I stopped playing and thought of the shaded canyon bottoms and Native American sites lost beneath the surface, but it’s hard to not be seduced by the place all the same. With 2,000 miles of coastline and nearly 100 side canyons, Powell [...]

Backcountry Journal: All In on Lake Powell


For a few short months each summer, alpine landscapes are changed from frozen wastes of rock and ice to idyllic grassy meadows—it’s pure mountain magic. When hot temps chase you from the city, these alpine paradises are the undisputed bee’s knees for summer backpacking. But as we were reminded when visiting Priord Lake in the High Uinta Wilderness, the alpine is still a harsh place that requires good gear (daily thunderstorms and hordes of mosquitos are often par for the course); lucky for us, we had some of the best. Osprey Packs Atmos 50 Backpack The Osprey packs we took [...]

Backcountry Journal: Alpine Backpacking Weekend


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Once upon a time, folks relied on a 8mm Kodak Brownie to capture family vacation memories, now all you need to do is be a hero, so to speak. The latest edition of the GoPro is remarkably powerful for both video and photos. It goes under water, on land, snow, in the air, and it’s even been to the edge of outer space. It does ultra-high res, slow motion, time lapses, ultra-wide angles, can take 10 photos per second...the list goes on. Every time my sister showed me the images she was getting with it I was absolutely blown away. And let me remind you, it fits in your pocket and is practically idiot-proof.

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