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These are great to have on hand when you're not sure what the weather is going to be like and you want to be prepared for the unexpected chill. They fit quite snug so there is no worry of them sliding down during a ride. I've got real slender legs and I find them to be a little too constricting in the upper legs so bigger guys may find them even more uncomfortable than I do. They actually do a great job of offering insulation and wind protection as I tested them a couple of times in the mid thirties.

These are by no means a substitute for good leggings. Truth be told you are much better off wearing a good pair of leggings as they are cheaper and fit more comfortably. They'll even look better on you because although these warmers appear to be well constructed from quality materials they are quite sheer when worn so during the strong sunlight of a mid-day ride they might look like stockings. Wait for dusk before stepping outside.


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If aquaman wanted shoe covers I'd recommend these. They are water repellent but so are plastic bags. At least you can remove the plastic bags faster than you could take these off. I can promise you that you will spend no less than 5 min trying to get these covers on and another 5 min after your ride to get them off. Are you willing to take 10 min out of your day each time you ride fooling with these suckas 'cause you thought that you were going to bring back sexy? I didn't think so. Well, if you want sexy, work on your abs. If you want booties look elsewhere.


4 5

These shoe covers are easy to put on and remove. I have heard of the horror stories about people leaving their shoe covers on their shoes because of the hassle that they want to avoid with putting them back on. Well these booties are the answer to your prayers. We're taking about 10 seconds to put on or remove them as opposed to the 3 round wrestling bouts you sign up for with the cheaper options.

As far as their performance goes:

1. They are water repellent.
2. Durable as they show little sign of wear from usage or washing.
3. Excellent in cold weather as they breathe well and insulate you nicely in below freezing temps. (I have worn them on 90 min rides in the mid twenties without even giving my feet a second thought.)

Yes, these are pricey but quality doesn't come cheap. Pony up the money and stop crying already. You spent 4 grand on a bike so what's another 100 bucks.


4 5

These gloves are well padded without compromising the tactility. You will forget that you have them on which is a true compliment to the way they fit and breathe. They are pretty much true to size so if you already know your glove size there is no guess work here. I have taken these gloves out on 30 mile rides in the low 30's to mid 20's. They do offer very good protection from the jarring bouncing of the road but after about 90 min you'll notice that the cold does penetrate. I like the control that the gloves give me so I concede to cold hands on the longer rides and just deal with it. Mid 30's and above are where these gloves are untouchable.