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3 5

The title sums up my thoughts on these knickers. They're not terrible, but they're not effin' fabulous either.

Seeing as the last reviews are from last winter/spring, I'm assuming the bibs I got are from the '14/'15 season and no one has reviewed the newer ones yet. Some of the things addressed in earlier reviews seem to be resolved, but not all.

Sizing: Yeah, they run small. I'm 5'11 155lbs. The other Castelli Items I've got all fit great in a medium, even the slim and snug San Remo Speedsuit. I ordered the medium, and am sticking with it, but I can't put on any winter pounds...

Chamois: Super comfy. I haven't noticed it being abnormally forward as some previous reviews had mentioned. If I was sitting upright on a beach cruiser, it might be a bit too far forward, but I'm not.

Stitching: When I first put them on, I did hear the popping that others have heard. A bit disconcerting, yes. As of now, about two months after purchasing and plenty of riding, I haven't noticed any stitching issues, but time will tell.

Tags: Castelli!!! Why would you sew the inner tags STRAIGHT INTO THE GARMENT!? I don't want those things scratching my back, so I'm going to take them out, but I cant without undoing the actual stitching. Shame on you.

Waist: Maybe it's because they're so snug, but it is hard to take a piss with these on.

Windproffness: Meh. There's a bit of a chill on fast descents, but for general riding they do okay, but just okay.

Bib straps: I don't like 'em too much. I have a hard time getting them to lay flat. That being said, I haven't noticed them being annoying while riding.

Lettering: No, I don't like being a billboard for free. However, the large branding doesn't affect my riding at all. It's still on there after a handful of washes, but I don't expect it to last, not that it's a huge concern.

Three stars because they work, but there are some things that need to be tweaked.


5 5

The TieRod fits snugly on my '08 Outback crossbars. It was quick and easy to instal thanks to the great instructions and simple design. This is the first roof rack I've owned, and I wasn't sure how secure the bike would be. All doubts were erased after driving across the country and up the East coast with my ride safely attached the entire trip. The low profile is great, and there is little to no noise, even at interstate speeds. Last, but not least, the colors are pretty swell.


4 5

I've ridden these for about 200 miles and have had no problems with them. The material and construction are solid, and the fit is good (size M 5'11" 160#). I've had no problem with the silicone leg grippers and the chamois has been comfortable for me thus far.


5 5

This is a great jacket for cool to cold weather cycling. I've felt comfortable with only a jersey beneath it in the upper 30s to 40s, and in the high 20s to 30s with a thermal base layer. The shell fabric sheds snow and light rain, and the full length zipper helps drop heat on hard climbs. At 5'11" 160# the medium has an athletic cut, but leaves enough room for layering. It works great long rides as well as short commutes.


5 5

I have no idea why I haven't been wearing socks like these my whole life. The mesh is in all the right places to help cool your hot feet. There's also a good feeling with the shoe for better shoe/pedal interface.


2 5

I loved a few things about these bibs. The cuffs were very comfortable and kept the legs nicely in place. The fabric was super breathable and very comfortable. I had no problem with the seams itching anywhere. On paper and in my hand they looked great

However, the fit was horrible. For whatever reason, anytime I came out of the saddle (sprint, climb, stop sign, etc...) the chamois found a way to give me a terrible wedgie. Sitting back down afterwards only compounded the issue. Originally, I had ordered a size L but moved up to an XL (I'm 5'11 160# 32" waist). Both sizes had the same issue.